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murdered in pikesville, named as a suspect in the case. investigators say they learned matthew wald was an oklahoma. he had been living with his grandparents when there were killed, but he was missing when the police discovered the couple's body on monday. according to the police, he is undergoing mental treatment at a hospital and oklahoma. >> we entered mr. long in the national missing persons data base. they notified the police department and we began making preparations to go out there. >> the police described the injuries as traumatic but did not say how they died. >>> an accident sent a woman to e hospital. the police arrived on reisterstown road to find an issue feet in a store. the 76-year-old driver was parking the vehicle when for some unknown reason that went through the front of the store, striking a customer. that person suffered non life- threatening injuries. the driver and her passenger were not hurt. >>> officials with the national institutes of health say a superbug has claimed the life of a minnesota boy. he arrived in bethesda in april, treated for complications
... found pikesville home... monday./ monddy.../// janicee park... streaming live... in pikesville,.../ and... tells us ... while... police ... aren't... saying much, .../ they... ádoá... believe... the couple... was murdered. janice? the couple today as vaughn and marjorie pepper. they were 85 and 87 yeaas old..olice say many living here in this neighborhood are very concerned...that is why they they do not believe this was a random crime. we were there today, hen forensic services were back on back on the scene on secluded olmstead road.police say a worried relative from out of state contacted a neighbor, who then called policc.monday afternoon...police looked through thh window and saw mr. pepper lying on the floor. in the basement. police say they had been dead for two days.police have rrcovered a weapon... aad say this wasn't aashooting.they're also looking for the couppe's adult grandson...who was living with them at the timm.investigators say the grandson went missing last night: "we want to stress at this time, this is not a randoo crime, ho
.../ spraying... to... combat the virus. janice? janice?jeff,we are live in pikesville, where the state's mosquito control starting sprrying and they are still spraying as we speak.many communities sign up to have this done...bbt there here tonight because there has been a confirmed case of west nile virus in this neighborhood. right here, this is tteir plan of attack, all the roads you see in pink. "mosquito control section" tooight...whee they sprayed this community near milford mill road.nationwide, cases of west nile have spiked...and this yyar alone in md...there have been 13 cases...one of them deadly.what's being sprayed is an e-p-a registered &ppesticide...that the state says is highly effective. mosquitos love hot weather...so they carry the highest amounts of the virus right around this time...and into early fall. "we're freaked out in that everybody wants it" it""when we get a confirmed case...spray all the neighborhoods that that one mile radius touches" when it comes to these sprayings...residents are asked to not come out their homes for about 30 minutes... this mosquito
... elderly couple... is... found dead... in their... pikesville,,, home...// home.../.police... were... called to this home... on... olm--stead road ... monday afternoon.../. a... neighbor... checked on the couple... and... saw the man's ... body... thru... the window....//the couple have been identified as 87- year- old vaughn and 85- year- old marjorie pepper. officers... went... inside... and... found the woman dead ... in... thee basement..../ no... signs of... forced entry...//. neighbors say... the couple... lived there... for a while. craig falk, pikesville: "extremely rare, never. very peaceful and all together, very communal and all that neiggborly stuff, so it's a shock, but... they were both very elderly, so it's hard to say what they idea or thh motive is here." here." police are also looking for the couples adult grandson.. who lived inside thh homm with them.he is not being called a suspecttat this time.police... would ...not say... how the couple died...//. hundreds ... of... friends,... fami
. the inner loop will be clear, through pikesville and more volume here on 695, overly , the inner loop and outer loop packed in both directions, and if you are traveling in arundel, an accident in gambles on route 424, at route 450. meagan, over to you. >>> teachers strike in chicago entered the 6th day monday. it is the first teachers trike in chicago in 25 years. the two sides are going to gather this afternoon, but this morning, here in our community, activists are getting together, to show support for the chicago teachers. sherrie johnson is here with more on how they are supporting the teachers. >> reporter: they will have a picket line, this after noon, here at the corner of cold spring lane and falls road in north baltimore in front of western high school, they plan to take to the streets here to support those teachers in chicago that are on strike. a chicago judge has scheduled a hearing on a possible injunction to end the chicago teachers strike for wednesday at 10:30 a.m. chicago city attorneys filing a -- sherry, thank you for being here with us, can you tell us about why y
couple is found murdered in their pikesville home and police have very few answers. >> when police responded and looked through the couple's window, they found one dead on the first floor and the other in the basement. they believe it's the grandson that can fill in the blanks. >> reporter: vaughn and marjorie pepper were in their 80s. >> they're part of what made this neighborhood great. sad things have ended like this. >> the pepper's lives ended far less dignified as it should have, only that they were murdered and detectives recovered a weapon, the kind of story line not usually set against a serene background like severn park. >> you would never think something who happen in a good neighborhood. i mean this happens everywhere. >> reporter: as baltimore county police point out as they are often quick to do, they do not believe it is a random murder. they offered that aassurance but no concrete reason as to why. detectives say the grandson may know something but he is missing. investigators are interested in talking with him but stop short of defining that level of interest. >>
of an elderly couple found dead in their pikesville home. matthew long is a suspect in the murders. the two were found dead last week. long is in the hospital after he overdosed at a oklahoma hotel room. when police took him to the emergency room his name came up as a person of interest. >>> a police report is giving details behind the arrest of a baltimore pay medic. shawn white, slapped a drunk woman while she was on a stretcher. the victim was not combative. white lifted her by her neck and smashed her body to the headrest of a stretcher. the president of the firefighters union believes that the level of patient care was not as good as it should be. shawn white should not have been arrested. >> a lot of them get belligerent, arrogant trying to instruct the person, the paramedic how to do his job. >> white is charged with two counts of second degree assault. the incidents were caught on video and reported by one of white's colleagues. ten people had to be removed from a boat in the chesapeake bay. officers felt no one was sober enough to drive the boat. police got a call about a boat taking on
". the state mosquito control... has delayed a second round of spraying in pikesville. pikesville.earlier this month, crews sprayed a community near milford mill road where there's a confirmed case of wwst ile.they'll return too spray the area again on september 24th and october 1st. pesidents arr advised to stay indoors during tte spraying. there have been 13 cases of west nile in maryland this year... one deadly. it looks like gas prices went up a nickel a gallon last week. week.the national average price for a gallon of regular gas is now three-dollars and 86-cents.here in maryland... pt's a little lower at three-dollars 80-cents.but that's up 2 cents from last week.... and 11 cents from last month. this time last year, we were paying 3 dollars and 53-cents for a gallon of gas....the less-expensive winter blend of gas......and reeineries coming back online after hurricane isaac...should start to push prices doww fox45's pump patrol is always looking for the owest gas prices in the region. find the best price in your neighborhood at fox paltimore dot com. &p3 bad day for a
roads will be closed. the state's mosquito cootrol is spraying for west nill virus n pikesville. pikesville.on thursday, they &psprayed a communityynear milford mill road, where there is a confirmed case of west nile.nationwide, cases of west nile have spiked...and this year alone in maryland...ttere have been 13 cases... onn of them deadly.the spray is an e-p-a registered pesticide... the state says is highly effective. "we're ffeaked out in that everybody wants it" it""wwen we get a confirmed cass...spray ll the neighbbrhoods that that one mile radius touch" touches"when it comes to these sprayings...residents are aaked tt not come out their homes for about 30 minutes... this mosquito control will be back out here next week...and they will also be spraying pext week in anne arundel county. a minority group is suing and other city leaders over what áitá calls aa"corrupt process" of awarding contracts. theemaryland minooity contractors association is suing for 40- million-dollars in the suit. they challenege 42 city contracts alleging african- american owned businesses were l
loop up towards pikesville. now the beltway will be remain nice and clear from parkville up to towson. 11 minutes on the outer loop from 95 up to 8 3. and no concerns out on the jfx heading into the city. it's going to take you 11 minutes no delays from the beltway all the way downtown to fayette street. now over to you. >>> 5:32. 11 years ago today our livewere changed forever and today we will take a moment to honor those who lost their lives on september 11th. abc2 news linda so is live downtown and you can tell us about a special memorial happening where you are standing today. what's this all about. >> reporter: we are here at the 9/11 memorial at baltimore's world trade center. when the sun comes up the building will cast a shadow to move across the memorial and hit inscriptions that indicate what happened on september 11th, 11 years ago today. the memorial honors the 69 marylanders who died on september 11th. this is one of the steel columns from the world trade center when it collapsed. there's an exhibit inside that list the names and pictures of all the marylanders who died.
of pikesville at 7:30 tonight, again on october 1st. you should stay inside for 30 minutes until after the spraying happens. linda so, abc2 news. >>> parents we have important news for you if you are packing your child's lunch. trader joes is recalling peanut butter linked to salmonella across 18 states. the chain says the salted valencia peanut butter sold nationwide is the likely source. the government hasn't released the states that repotted the illnesses. if you teen is distracted or driving dangerouslies it maybe from the habits of you. that's according to the study by the liberty insurance. more than 1700 teens surveyed admitted to making poor decisions while behind the wheel. nine out of ten talk on the cell phone and 94% admit to speeding. the types are mirroring their parents behave. you haven't noticed but gas prices dropped less than a penny over the past two weeks. this ends a 9-week run of gas prices increasing, that began on july 13th, when the average price for a gallon of gas, $3.41, the survey puts the average of regular gas at $3.83, sparked by the fall in crude oil
situations until we are in them when a child was trapped in a burning building in pikesville two men jumped in to action and they don't want to be recognized for what they did. one day the little boy they saved will have quite the story to tell. >> they are. >> reporter: at 21 months brodie is full of smiles. >> mommy. >> reporter: unaware of the real danger he was in just hours earlier. >> crews arrived to find heavy smoke. multiple people were trapped inside. >> reporter: two that were trapped abrodie and her mother. shelf ran out to the balcony and she saw the work crew and saw them yeping for help. >> we have three landscaping workers working on the property. they saw the child and mother on the third floor. they threw it to the third flew and brought the child down. >> reporter: tiffany would return to be saved by firefighters. the two alarm fire was knocked down but not before six units were damaged. the heros would be gone. now it's time to assess what was lost and for the brodie family be thankful for what was saved. >> we are crediting the civilian landscapers. >> i'm so grat
identify the elderly couple found dead in their pikesville home... and now the couple's grandson ii missing. missing.police were called to this home on olmstead road monday afternoon fter a neighbor saw a man's body through the window.the couple are 87 year old caughn and 85 year old marjorie pepper.there were no siggs f forced entry... police are also looking for the couplee adult grandson.. who lived inside the home with them... and is missing this morning. craig falk, pikesville: "extremely rare, ever. very peaceful and all together, very communal and all that neighborly stuff, so t's a shock, but... they were both very elderly, so it's hard to say what they idea or the motive is here." beinggcalled a suspect at this time.poliie would not say how the couple died. some badly needed improvements are coming to 12 librariessin baltimore city schools.... tt the tune of 5 million dollars. dollars. the first 3 are opening today, and joel d. smith is streaming now inside one of them in south baltimore to show us the latest technology, and tell us why taxpayers are not paying for any of i
pikesville.., pikesville...///, where... poliie... are calling it... a... double homicide.paul-- paul--here's what happened:an out- of- state relative called a neighbor to check on the couple at this olmstead road home.police say they got a call minutes later...came to the home to see a lifeless man through they window.they went inside.and, found a dead woman in the basement. 3&this all happened just after o'clock.pollce have yet to i-d the two people inside.they ádid tell us the two were elderly...and, there was no sign of forced entry.neighbors say the couple had lived there for a while. craig falk, pikesville: "extremely rare, never. very peaceful and all together, very communal and all that neighborly stuff, so it's a shock, but... they were both say wwat they idea or the potive is here." police are not saying how the are canvassing the ied.they neighborhood tonight asking for information in the case. reporting live from pikesville, paul gessler, the... teenager ... shot... at... perrr hall ...high... is... going home.../ after... two weeks ...in the hospital. hospita
" was"wife i hope its not the " i remember telling my pikesville couple. murder of a break in the investigators get of speed cameras. stop the vandalism step to try to taking an extra hello... i'm... eff barnd. barnd. and i'm karen parks.police say they have their suspect in a double murder that left an elderly pikesville couple dead. dead.it's... the couple's... grandson. live.../ in... pikesville.../// janice.../ police found... the... grandson ... halfway... across the country, ...in a hospital. hospital.jeff and karen,very strange circumstances...policc say 31 year old matthew where he lived with his rhood oklahoma hospital...but police won't diiclose why.but you're about to hear from the couple's deacon...who was one of the last people to speak to all three before the murder. feet away from vaughn and lay - marjorie pepper's home. neighbors say a direct reflection... of how the two lived their lives: lives:"grand parents are special...one of the mostt special relationships as human beings and i was sad to hear had happened to someone like that"wes bi
look outside, here on the beltway, moving through pikesville, nothing to get in your way here at green spring avenue. this is actually going to be a shot of 95 at 395. this will also be nice and clear. as we pull up some drive times, you'll notice there are no delays on the beltway, the west side nice and clear as i had mentioned. and the outer loop no problems traveling from 95 up to 83. that stretch will take you 11 minutes. and if you are using the northeast corridor of 95, just four minutes to travel from white marsh boulevard all the way down to 695. megan, over to you. >>> you're waking up this morning just as the orioles are headed to bed in seattle. it took 18 innings, five hours and 44 minutes but the o's, they pulled out another win in seattle. the final score for this game 4- 2. so the o's are tied at the top of the a.l. east with the new york yankees who were rained out last night. now, the orioles will play in seattle again tonight. start time for that game 10:10. >>> this morning police are hoping that someone can help them find a man that is accused of touching himself
..../ death..../ janice... park... is streaming live... in pikesville.../, where... crews... are... hard at work .../ spraying... to... combat the virus. janice? janice?jeff,we are live in pikesville, where the state's mosquito control starting spraying and they are still spraying as we sppak.many communities sign up to have this done...but there here ponight because there has been a confirmed case of west nile virus in this neighborhood. of attack, all the roads you see in pink. we were with the state's "mosquito control sectionn" this ommunity near milford milllroad.nationwide, cases of west nill have spiked...and thissyear alone in md...there have een 13 cases...one of them deadly.what's being sprayed is an e-p-a registered pesticide...that the state says is highly effective. mosquiios love hot weather...so thee carry the highest amounts of the virus right around this time...and into eaaly fall. everybody wants it"in that - it""when we get a confirmed case...spray all the neighborhoods that that one mile radius touches" when it comes to these
on the man suspected of murdering both of his grandparents in their pikesville home last week. long sound unresponsive in a hotel room after allegedly taking prescription pills. >> numerous deficiencies, state funds, and bankruptcy forced a maryland nursing home to close, and many workers had to fight to get their final paycheck. >> and they are trying to get other benefits they are still owed as well. >> healthcare coverage another issue here? >> that is right. some of these workers expected health care through the rest of this month. and then went to see their doctors or the bill prescriptions, but they found that coverage ended last month. >> it left all of us at -- in a bind. >> the doors are locked at the facility. is officially closed last week. only essential personnel are here. some of the 71 laid-off workers like debra odom are finding that health care benefits disappeared. >> i went to get a refill on my insulin, and they said that they put in for a whole group termination august 31. >> she was advised her benefits would not end until september 30. harborside, formerly known as
news. an elderly couple is found &pdead in their home ... in pik. pikesville.police were called to this home on olmstead road ... monday afternoon. a nnighbor checked on the ccuple and saw the man's lifeless body through the window. officers went inside and found the woman dead in the basement. there were no signs of forced entry. they've yet to i-d the victims, but neighbors say the couple had lived there for a whilee craig falk, pikesville: "extremely rare, never. very very communaa and all thaa shock, but... they were both very ellerly, so it's hard to say what they idea or the motive is here." here." police are calling it a double homicide, but would not say how the couple died.they're canvassing the neighborhood .... asking for any information in the case. &p you can track criminal activity in your neighborhood withh'spotcrime.' get email alerrs when crime happens. log onto fox baltimore dot com and click on spotcrime in the hot topics a somber day today... as americans mark the 11th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. attacks.from ground z
, found dead in their pikesville home. >> a lot of questions about who killed them and why. >> plus, a mother who lost her child after an allergic reaction calls for action. a lifesaving tool that's coming to schools. >>> information about the multimillion dollar lawsuit and coverup against the queen anne's county sheriff. >>> last year when a 7-year-old girl died at school from eating a peanut, her mom wanted to change the law and she did. our health reporter linda so tells us whatted new law means for upand your kids. >> reporter: it all started with this little gicialtion 7-year-old amaria johnson. the new a required schools to stock epipens. the school nurse at longfellow said they keep four epipens stocked in the nurse's office. >> our standing orders for use. >> reporter: she's trained all her teachers and the principal you had to use it. >> hold it in your fist like this. take the blue cap off. the needle goes in. >> reporter: and it's for students with life-threatening injuries. it could mean the difference between life and death. >> epipen can be very useful in a patient wi
. >> baltimore county police have identified the elderly couple murdered in pikesville yesterday. they were found dead in their home at the 800 block of homestead road. police say they did recover a weapon at the scene but are not identifying it at this time. the couple has an adult grandson who lives in the home. police say that that man is missing and they are trying to locate him at this hour. today marks the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3000 people. in new york, a focus on hea ling is leading to smaller memorials than previous years. >> at ground zero, the member -- the remembrance ceremony began with bagpipes. and the presentation of the world trade center flag, still holding on after 11 years. the family members of those killed in the september 11 terrorist attacks began reading the names of the nearly 3000 people lost. hundreds crowded around the reflecting pool in place of the fall and world trade towers -- fallen world trade towers. among the faces were several politicians, but none of them were allowed to speak. president obama participated in a mome
now.. 410-481-4545. george - pikesville 3 3 3 3 3 3 the american univesity professor...caught breastfeeding her child speaks . out.why she she says...the controversy ii just a sign... the world hasn't caught up with women's rights. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. an american university professor responds to backlash after nursing her child during class. as lisa sylvester reports... the professor believes the situation wouldn't have gotten this much attention.. if she were a male. male. --reporter pkg-as follows -- assistant profe
will take place in baltimore county this week. parts of pikesville will be sprayed tomorrow and catonsville next wednesday. 10 people tested positive for west nile when they went to donate blood. >> the donation will be typically remove from the blood supply if they test positive so the blood supply is well protected. >> so far 25 people have been infected with west nile and two of them have died. e are less than twoh months away from the november election. martin o'malley travel to iowa. he dismissed questions he wants to make a good impression on democratic activists. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> time to get you up to date. a lot of folks are out of school because of rosh hashana. volume picking up around the area. some delays on the west side. monument street is closed near patterson park. that is because of cinco repaisinkhole repairs. here's a quick, live look at traffic. an update and old court road. no longer an inner loop accident at 795. picking up in the outer loop down towards liberty. this is 95. some delays in the southbound direction down towards
part in the 50's. pikesville, 56. pasadena, at 57. 52 in sykesville. chestertown, 56 degrees. dry going to and coming from school. we will see increasing clouds with temperatures rising into the 70's today with rain chance is tonight and tomorrow. more coming up in just a few minutes. >> good morning. the orioles in seattle this morning. the ravens and their first loss of the year. they lose to the eagles in philadelphia. the eagles are always tough at home. early lead for the eagles but the ravens tie it. vonta leach barrels in. 7-7. justin tucker, 55-yard field goal. ravens up 10 at the half. the eagles come back in the third quarter. michael vick roles left. he is wide open. 17-14. fourth quarter. ravens up three. biggest play of the game. looks like a touchdown. offensive pass interference. horrible call. michael vick finds the end zone. 24-23, the eagles win. the replacement officials, a major issue. >> the challenge for us is to figure out what constitutes what. what constitutes illegal conduct? i'm not sure right now. >> these are call -- if the here, thats were should not happen
with killing his grandparents and signed his pikesville home. police say that matthew long used a pair of 20-pound dumbbells and a knife to kill his grandparents, and vaughn pepper and marjorie pepper. he then fled to oklahoma, where police found him unconscious in a hotel room with a note saying "i'm sorry about this he is being held in an oklahoma detention center and his trust with two counts of first-degree murder -- and is charged with two counts of first-degree murder. a judge is deciding whether the suspect is fit to stand trial. alexander kinyua is charged with attempted first-degree murder after police say he killed a family friend in harford county and eight parts of his body. -- ate of his body. just a few days before, he beat emmorton states today with a baseball bat. baltimore city police officer will spend 20 years behind bars for conspiring to sell drugs. he pleaded guilty to possession with intent to sell and conspiracy. he was a 17-year veteran of the department. >> kind of a chilly start this morning. we start in the 40's and in many locations, but i.t. is turning out to be
along, no delays towards 95 or the inner loop through pikesville. here is what the beltway looks like, nothing to get in your way up towards 83. that's a look at your time save traffic. >>> baltimore ravens beat the new england patriots 31-30. if you read torey smith's tweets, this was a man who was in a lot of pain. if you saw him on the field you know he is a warrior. the wide receiver played with everything he had, following the death of his younger brother. linda so has more from smith this morning, what he has to say. >> the support he has received from his teammates and fans has meant so much and told people about his brother's death on twitter, that's his account on sunday morning, since then, his account has been flooded with well wishes from fans. he played the game for his brother, 19 year old kevin jones died before midnight when a motorcycle crushed in to a utility pole in virginia. alcohol was not a factor. smith traveled to virginia to be with his family, he got an hour of sleep before the game and made the decision to play when he got to the stadium. he is glad he did.
in pikesville.... around 4 o'clock. a neighbor checked on the couple and saw the man's lifeless body through the window.officers found the &pwoman ddad in the basement. police say there wwre no signs pf forced entry. they've yet to id the victims, ut neighbors say the couple had lived there for a while. craig falk, pikesville: "extremely rare, never. very peaceful and all together, very communal and all that neighborly stuff, so it's a shock,,but... they were both very elderly, so it's harr to say what they idea or the motive is here." here." police are calling it a double homicide, but would not say how the couple died.they're canvassing the neighborhood tonight asking for any information in the case. p--g... county police... make an arrest ...in the murdee ... of... a... 22- year- old mother. 31- year- old... joseph jjnes... of... capitol heights... is... charged with ...first and seeond... degree... murder..../police... pulled the body... of... shavon williams... from... swan creek.../ she... had... been asphyxiated... and... wrappeddin... plastic bags.../.
information this morning on a double murder in pikesville. police are they any closer to finding out who murdered a mayor married couple in their 80s into another day on picket line and another day of kids out of classroom. day three of the teacher strike in chicago. are they getting closer. is either side budging? and one antique dealer says it's like finding a needle in a haystack. that haystack a west virginia flea market and you are not going to believe what the needle was. those stories are straight ahead on this wednesday morning. we are aircraftously awaiting to hear -- anxiously awaiting to hear from charley crowson. he and his wife are in the hospital awaiting the arrival of their first child and you are looking at the roads and lynette is looking at the weather. the morning chilly. >> it is. we have fog out there and i know it's affecting the roadways. >> there's a lot of reduced visibility in frederick and carroll counties. so be extra careful. >> exactly. cool this morning as well. so, careful, have the jacket as you head out and about. look how pretty it is out there. this w
on olmstead road near pikesville. police are not exactly saying how the couple died only that it was from traumatic injuries. police have not commented on another man that neighbors say may have been living in the home. they did say there is no evidence of a break-in. nabs say everyone in the neighborhood knew and respected the victims. >> they were part of what made the neighborhood great. you know, sad that things have ended like this. >> police have not released the names of the two victims. the bodies have been taken to a office of the state medical's examiner for autopsies. if you have information about what may have happened to them call baltimore county police. >>> this morning, 17-year-old daniel bower -- dowery is wake up in his bed for the first time in two weeks e was shot on the first day of class. he came home following several surgeries and he had a good chance to play with his dog, make tacos and watch the ravens. things he says he was all looking forward to. he had a lot of community support including a facebook page dedicated to getting lady gaga to come to perry hall to
in the school cafeteria. he is scheduled for bail review on thursday. in pikesville, police have identified the couple found dead in their home yesterday afternoon. jayne miller is live in the newsroom with more on what we have learned today. >> police are saying no suspects in this case. they are making a point to say they do not consider the debts of 87-year-old george pepper and 85-year-old marjorie mari pepper of random crime. the bodies are found yesterday in their home when a relative from out of state called police to check on the couple. vaughn pepper was found on the first floor of the house and his wife was found in the basement. some object has been recovered by police that could be a weapon. >> we know that people in the neighborhood obviously have a lot of concerns about this crime. we want to stress that at this time, police believe that this was not a random crime. however, it is very early in the investigation. is still very active investigation at this hour, so the facts are subject to change. >> an adult grandson lived with the peppers. police want to speak with him. he ha
in pikesville. it will not be open to the public. more than 3000 people went to the bank this weekend on saturday to pay respects to the man who brought football back to the city. family says they were there shaking hands, thanking people for all of they supore, model passed away thursday at the age of 87. >>> last night steelers traveled to denver for payton manning's return to the national football league. mapping who many wrote off for the beginning of the year saying he was done, in complete control last night. payton through for 253 -- threw for 253 yards. big ben was solid. threw for 245, two touchdowns, a fourth quarter interception proved to be the difference. porter sealed the deal by picking off big ben. next up will be at home next weekend hosting new york jets. >>> o's are off today. the huge four game weekend series with the yankees didn't end as well as fans and players would have hoped. they did get the split. the yankee's bats exploded with 8 runs in the 6th, 7th and 8th innings on their way to a win at camden yards. it was a weekend split, two games apiece. baltimore
pikesville. police say there were no signs of forced entry in to the house. they are looking for that younger man tonight. the investigation lasted late into the evening with photographs being taken inside the well kept home. two people were killed here, an elderly couple, neighbors say they were in their 80s. >> reporter: earlier a neighbor called police after getting a call from a regularrive -- a relative of the couple. >> we looked in the window, saw a man on the floor. officers made forced entry in to the home to check it out. found a female in the basement. >> reporter: police aren't saying how they died. >> the persons were dead from injuries. . >> reporter: police worry someone came in and targeted them but police haven't commented on another man who had been living at the home. they said there is no evidence of a breakn. >> no forced entry. . >> reporter: wes said everybody in the neighborhood knew and respected the victims. when many of them got home they saw their street blocked off. now they know more about what happened. they still want to know why. >> they were part of what
.../ . hundreds gathered today at a synogogue in pikesville to pay theirrrespects to the former owner of the ravens. ravens.the crowd included modell's familyy.. several members of the ravens... and n-f-l commissioner roger goodell.many commented on game of football.he not only formed the ravens franchise in 1996... but also helped create monday night ffotball. <"he loved the game of football. he loved his fans. he loved his teams - both of them. he loved the men who played for him."> him."> ray lewis was among the speakers at today's ceremony. he considered modell to be a friend and father figure. torreyysmith... joe flacco... &palso attended. in just eight weeks...marylande rs will go to the polls to select a president. but they'll also be voting on several ballot questions... including more gambling. and reports...casino companiesare sparing no expense...in trying to influence your vote... vote... "a new world class casino for maryland."the commercial...wants you to vooe yes...on questton seven.it's the ballot quession...to expand gambling...and pave the way for a new casino...a
for the panels is less than the company,/ so you are saving money again on day one. is... a ...pikesville... high school grad.../// new tonight... on... fox45 news at 5:30./.. a... severn father... in jail.../ over... what his... child ingested.../ and... what... police found... at the home ...// 3 --adblib weather tz-- anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
model. his funeral is going to happen at 11:00 tuesday at the congregation in pikesville. it will not be open to the public. more than 3000 people did show up at mt bank stadium saturday to pay respects to the man who brought football back to baltimore. model passed away thursday at the age of 87. >>> friends and family gathering to say good byes to a sheriff's deputy killed last nurse a car crash. a view willing be held today and tomorrows his funeral is wednesday at the mountain christian church. he will be buried after at the bel air memorial gardens. >>> life was cut short but legacy will always be alive. athletes at mvp will know the name yeardly love. she was killed by her ex- boyfriend and there is a field dedicated to the cockeysville native. >> reporter: it took 18 months of planning and fund raiseing to ton this field in to reality. for love's family and those here at mbp it was worth the sweat and tears. a brand new turf field with love's name on it. students who play soccer, field hockey and lacrosse will get to play on the field every year, love's mother, sha
, live look at the west side, liberty road. nothing to get in your way towards pikesville and outer loop nice and clear. this is in overly, bell as 11 minute ride on the outer lap from 95, -- loop from 95 up to 83. clear towards 95. >>> a private funeral will be held today for late actor michael clark duncan, he passed away september 3rd from a heart attack he suffered in july. his funeral is invitation only. >>> chris brown has a probation hearing related to the assault against his former girlfriend rihanna. >>> an 8-month-old mother is charged with kidnapping in the disappearance case of her son. jury selection begins for johnson. she sent a text message to the baby's father saying she killed the baby. she then recan'ted the story saying a couple took the baby after she gave it away to them. >>> the trial against a college professor is set to begin, amy bishop accused of killing three colleagues at the university of alabama huntsville in february of 2010. >>> leon panetta will be in pennsylvania, scheduled to tour the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville. >>> teacher says it's a
a suspect tonight in the double &pmurder of elderly pikesville couple. and as janice park reports....itssthe couple's own grandson who was was tracked down halfway across the country. . . "i'm surprised it happened, but i'm not surprised the grandson is invol" involved""that an elderly couple found dead in their home, and i remember telling my wife i hope its not the peppers and it was" 3 was"not the peppers and it telling my wife i hope its home, and i remember found dead in their "that an elderly couple involved" involved"surprised the grandson is happened, but i'm not "i'm surprised it 3 -3 "i'm surprised it happened, but i'm not surprised the grandson is involved" involvee""thaa an elderly couple found dead inntheir home, and i remember tellinn my wife i hope its not the peppers and it was" 3& new details... for... the... baltimore county school's... new... safety plln..../ following... 2---incidents... where... stuuents... brought... guns to school.../. school.../. the... president ...of the teacher's union... tells... fox 45.../ teachers... are...
in pikesville. why all local institution closed doors. cooking up a record. how much went into the world's how much went into the world's want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey t cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> it has been a mainstay for 120 years, but today was the final day of business for field of pharmacy. since 1892, fields has sold anything from cards to cosmetics and really go to lunch. owners decided to close. fields thanked its customers. there is only a few days left to check out they 131st annual maryland state fair. after a slow first weekend, officials hope to make up with a big crowds this labor day weekend. there is something for everyone at from food, to the carnival midway. the fair is open until 10:00 p.m. on labor day. >> 1, 2, 3. >> that is a really big crab cake. 300 house, the world's largest.
the grandson of an elderly couple found murdered in pikesville a suspect. ron and marjorie pepper, both in their 80s, were found by police after a neighbor who hadn't seen the couple in a while called a relative. the police started looking for the couple's grandson, matthew long, immediately, but only would say they were interested in talking to him. the day after the couple's bodies were discovered, officials in oklahoma were contacted saying long was in a hospital there. >>> anger among hard line muslims escalated today with anti-american demonstrations all across north africa, and reaching far across asia. in response to the first of the elite marine teams already in the region and the bodies of four casualties, all working from the u.s. consulate returned home this afternoon with the president and secretary of state there to geat them. abc 2 newses that latest. -- to greet them. abc 2 news has the latest. >> reporter: maryland, and the president and a clearly moved secretary of state visited with the families and paid tribute. >> today bewe -- today we bring home four american whose
commision... has delayed a second round of spraaing in pikesville.earlier this month, crews sprayed a community near milford mill road where there's a confirmed case of west nile.they'll return to spray the area again on september 24th and october 1st. residents are advised to stay indoors during the spraying which start at 7:30 at night. there have been 13 cases of west nile in maryland this year... one deadly. the marc train station in edgewood is getting a makeover... and workers are putting the finishing touches project.the stop.. which was just basic platform.. is beeng turned into a full station ith bathrooms, ticket machines and handicap access. congressman dutch ruppersberger will be at the station today to showcase the imprrvements.the project was funded by federal transportation grants. behind a small fortune.but it took people a long time... to realize he was ggne.after called authorities... aater noticing walter samaszko was missing.police found im dead inside his home of a heart up for sale... the realtor was looking through the man's belonging's and found more than
... are investigating. the... state... mosquito control... sprays... for... west nile virus... in pikesville. pikeesille. thursday, ../ theyy.. sprayed a community milford mill... road,.../ wherr... there's... a... confirmed case... of... west nile.../.nationwide.../ , casessof... west nile... have spiked../.and ... this year alone ...in maryland...// there... have been... 13 cases... / one... deadly.../.this... mosquito control... will... be back... out there... next week.../.they'll... also be... spraying... next week ... n... anne arundel county. "we'reefreaaed out in that everybody wants it"((take sot)) "when we get aaconfirmed case...spray all the neighborhoods that that one mile radius touches" touches" residents... are... asked... not... to ...come out... of... their homes ...for about 30 minutes..../ during... spraying. mooorcycle riders ill take to the highways this marking the anniverrary of the 9/111 errorist attaaks attacks--quick ccr nats-- nats--riders spent the day placing nearly 3-thhusand american flags along putty
-byes to art model. his funeral will be at 11:00 tuesday at the hebrew congregation in pikesville. more than 3000 people came to mt bank stadium sat paying respects to the man credited with bringing football to baltimore. he died on thursday, he was 87 years old. >>> today some vacant homes, east 31st, street, they will be torn down to make room for new housing in the area. it's a vacant to value program. the demolition, this is pat of the mayor's plan to curve blight in the city. the event is set to kick off at 10:00 this morning. >>> clean green vehicles are coming to baltimore, the 5th international environmentally vehicle conference, is going to be held today through wednesday, at the convention center. organizers say this year marks the first time the conference is held in the u.s. it marks the first time heavy duty trucks will be discussed at the conference along with passenger cars, those you and i drive on the roadways. >>> leonpy net tawill panetta is scored to fly the memorial. funeral held for the late actor, michael clark duncan, who passed away september 3rd from a heart attac
. a mayor break in the double murder of an elderly couple in pikesville. the couple's grandson 31 yr old matthew long is now a suspect.and in oklahoma. him all the way ou his grandpaaents vauuh and marjorie pepper were found dead monday in their living with his grandparents and went missing after they were found. this week...authorities in oklahoma contacted detectives here saying they had found long but he's in a hospital in that state and his condition is so serious deeectives have not peen able to interview him. 3 3 3 3 3&the funeral for vaugh aad the funeral for the funeral for vaugh and marjorieepepper vaugh and marjorie pepper took place today on the eastern shore. police are still inveetigating a shooting in north baltimore last nightwhen a police officer arrived on the sccne near the interrection of bellona avenue and northern parkway...... they found a vehicle pulled pver ith it'' hazard lights on. inside were two men who had been shot... both in their stable condition.no word on any suspects. one teenarger dies... and another one is seriously injured... after a crash in
to minimize power outages but they say that is being done more and more essecially in pikesville and in towson. in downtown baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news aa five." the november election is less ttan eight weeks away.../ and... maryland democrats... are without ...a ...first district... pongrrssionnl candidate....// candidate..../// jeff abell... has thee.. new deveeopments, jeff...... insiders tell me onight that the states democratic party could name a new congressional candidate aa soon as tomorrow. on monday, democrat wendy rosen withdrew from the race after her own party voter fraud. partyy leaddrs say rosen is registereddto vote in both maryland and florida and cast ballots in both states in two prior elections. now, with less than eight weeks to go before election day, democrats are searching for a new candidate. its too late to get rosen's name off the ballott (1:11:17) "the maryland democratic party blew the whistle on wendy rosen. you had this odd situation where on monday the democrats issued a press release asking democratic voters in the firs
as baltimoreremembers art modell.../ . hundreds gathered today at a synogogue in pikesville to pay their respects to the former owner of the ravens. ravens.the crowd included modell's family... several members of the ravens... and n-f-l commissioner roger goodell.many coomented on art's contributions to the game of football.he not only formed the ravens franchise in 1996... but also helped create monday night football. <"he lovee the gamm of football. he loved his fans. he loved his teams - booh of them. he loved the men who played for him."> him."> ray lewis was among the speakers at today's ceremony. he considered modell to be a friend and father figure. torrey smith... joe flacco... and former raven, todd heap, also attended. a great day forran alexandria woman who weet shopping at a west virginia flea market. market. the woman wishes to remain anonymous because of seven dollars, she thought she was buying a box of junk. it turns out an original renoir, called "landscape on the banks of the river seine" was in that box of junk. she took it to the expertssand thhy confirmed that it w
pikesville couple, he has been found overdosed at hotel room in oklahoma. when police took in long to the emergency room, there was a hit on his name in the system. this suspect, long, is the victim's grand zonks vaughn and margerie pepper were found dead last week in their home. detectives traveled to oklahoma for the investigation but haven't been able to talk to long because of his current condition. >>> how far would you go to get the prized parking shot? police say an edgewood woman went too far, in a parking rage incident it happened in white marsh. linda so is live this morning, at county police headquarters. >> reporter: she got so angry over the spot, she took matters in to her hands and ended up in jail and faces first and second degree assault and bail set at a million dollars. brandy aims in edgewood got in to a fight with another woman over a parking spot outside the staples store at the avenue in white marsh. aims got back in to her car, hit the woman and pinned her against another car. that's not all, an innocent bystander became her second tart when aims saw the per
cross. >>> mosquito spraying will not take place in pikesville tonight. it's going to be scheduled for monday, weather permitting. spraying is set to take place in baltimore county, catonsville tomorrow at 7:30. this is all in an effort to combat west nile virus, which caused two deaths in our state. you are asked to stay indoors while the spraying is going on in your community. >>> a big win for the o's, you were probably sleeping when it happened. they beat the mariners 10- 4, the o's are within a half game of the yankees. baltimore opened a cushion over the los angeles angels for the coked al wild -- second al wild card spot. o's take on the mariners tonight, game time is 10:10. >>> post season tickets now go on sale on saturday morning at 10:00. however, there are ways to get in on the presale. you can enter for your chance to get in on the presale at orioles.com/post season. if you are chosen, you will receive an email with the presale info, exclusive sale starts on thursday, at 2:00. >>> any minutes, a french court is expected to decide whether to block publication of topless
. that will take you 90 minutes and this is all the way up towards pikesville. and no problems from parkville up to towson. for those of youing the jfx, no delays there as well. just 11 minutes to travel southbound from the beltway to fayette street. megan over to you. >>> baltimore county police and public schools right now say they have a new approach to safety and security on the he's of two gun incidents at baltimore county schools. sherrie johnson is live with more on the security plan. what have you learned. you were speaking early this morning with the school officials on the phone. >> reporter: that's exactly right. baltimore county public schools plan to meet with staff and top educators about the building safety and security plan in a mandatory meeting this morning. the plan is to try to make schools a lot safer. baltimore county's superintendent, he just started july 1st. and he said that he wants to build a larger safety net for security this comes after two major gun incidents at baltimore county schools season the first day of class. in one incident, a teenage gunman shot another i
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